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Investment,investment credit.

on Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:41 am
Dear Sirs,Hello! Sirs, my name is Siegfried Globke , I'm from Germany. Sirs, our company is looking for investors or investment creditors for our environmental projects, such as:
1. Reprocessing of tverdobytovyh wastes (garbage);
2. Recycling of spent batteries with lead-containing alloys and other industrial products, such as:
(a) secondary polypropylene from which the production of pipes, different diameters, products for farms (buckets, chairs, chairs and so on) can be established;
(b) from a used electrolyte, we can organize the production of a technical soda;
3. Reprocessing of copper Moscow with copper roll;
4. Recycling of aluminium and zinc moscows, with receiving, aluminium-containing and zinc-containing alloys;
5. To organize production for the collection of wooden houses houseing the forestry plant;
6. There is an intention to buy three factories in the Czech Republic, the plants operating. We have an intention to increase the product nomenclature in these factories, and we have the capacity to do so.
7. Tourist business, it is the intention to buy a skiing base in Russia.
Sirs, we ask you to help us implement our projects. We are also ready for all forms of cooperation, including the establishment of a joint venture.
Your quick answer will be highly appreciated.
My e-mail: globkesiegfried@gmail.com
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Re: Investment,investment credit.

on Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:20 am
-Thank you for contact trough WBC - World Business Center.
-We need inform you that Algeria market is hot for investment specially recycling of used paper and cardboard for the production of office paper and wrapping paper as well as cardboard; each type of waste material can be recycled and can be converted into multi-use products.
-We are here to provide you by more details about this project if you are interested in investment and cooperation with us in these projects.
-We assure for you serious work and good relations.
-Your quick answer will be appreciated.

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